2019 VW Arteon in Alexandria VA

The brand new Volkswagen Arteon is work of art that boasts timeless, classic beauty with high-quality performance and an affordable price tag. Its comparable to other luxury cars like the Maserati GranTurismo in style, design and performance but still has features that are useful in everyday life. While the 2019 VW Arteon is the successor to the Volkswagen CC, the VW Arteon is more advanced than its predecessor. Still if you loved the VW CC (and wish Volkswagen never discontinued this car), then you’ll be sure to love the 2019 Arteon! 

2019 VW Arteon Style and Design 

Come alive in what you drive with the 2019 VW Arteon! Once you get the behind the wheel of the VW Arteon you’ll instantly feel the power and excitement of driving a race car while having the comfort and safety that all VW vehicles provide. 

The 2019 VW Arteon has a classic fastback design meaning that the roofline slopes down and seamlessly fuses with the back of the car. This style is typical on many luxury cars including Audi, Mazda and even the Ford Mustang. 

Not only does the fastback design give the Arteon a luxurious look, its frameless windows, wide chrome grille and LED head and tail lights all add to the impressive look of this car. The streets of Alexandria will never be same once you hit the road in the all-new 2019 VW Arteon.

Safety Guaranteed: 2019 VW Arteon Safety Features

At Sheehy VW of Springfield, the safety of our customers and their loved ones is one of the most important things to us. We understand how tough driving in Alexandria and Northern Virginia can be with all the traffic and accidents on the roads. In fact, according to the DMV, in 2018 there were a total of 13,368 car crashes in Fairfax County and 1,566 in Alexandria Virginia! That equates to about 36 crashes in Fairfax and 4 crashes in Alexandria every day during the year. Since safety is so important to us and you, we love that the VW Arteon comes fully stocked with tons of safety features like blind spot monitoring system, lane assist, park assist, adaptive cruise control and more! 

The 2019 VW Arteon safety cage and core structure was built with safety in mind so it’s engineered to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible on the road. The front and rear crumple zones will absorb the energy from any crash while the solid safety cage will deflect the energy from the crash away from the driver and passengers. And the VW Arteon is equipped with an Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS), Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and has seven stability enhancing systems including electronic brake pressure distribution and electronic stability control. 

What is the Intelligent Crash Response System?

The Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) is there for you and will help you react if you aren’t able to after a crash. If you are ever involved in a crash that deploys airbags the ICRS can turn off the Arteon’s fuel pump, unlock the doors and turn on the hazard lights. Its designed to give you piece of mind if you are ever in a bad accident.

What is the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System?

Every accident is different and not all of them bring your car to a full stop, that’s where the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System comes in handy. It will help the Arteon slow down if its been hit and is still moving so you are at a lower risk of encountering any additional impacts. 

What are the seven stability enhancing systems on the VW Arteon?

The stability enhancing systems on the VW Arteon are dedicated to keeping you in your lane and out of accidents. For example the Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution (EBD)helps keep the appropriate amount of braking power applied if you have to brake hard. And the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) will adjust the Arteon’s throttle and apply corrective forces to whichever wheels need them most. 

2019 VW Arteon Driver Assistance and Safety Features:

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control will help you stay a preset distance and speed from the car in front of you. AAC will also speed up or slow down your vehicle based on what the car in front of you is doing. 

Blind Spot Monitor

The blind spot monitor will alert you when there is another vehicle in your blind spot. It will help prevent you from colliding with another car on the road. 

Light Assist

Light Assist will turn on your high beams when visibility on the roads is bad (i.e. very dark or foggy). It will also turn off your high beams when another car is approaching you.  

Lane Assist

Lane Assist will help keep you in your lane when it notices you’re drifting into another lane and your turn signal is not on. 

Park Assist & Distance Control

Park Assist will let you know if a parking spot is big enough for your Arteon and will even steer the vehicle into the parking space. You still control the accelerator, brake and shifter but the Areton will do the rest. Park Distance Control helps you steer out of a parking space by audibly and visually alerting you if you are getting too close to another vehicle as you navigate out of the spot. 

Front Assist

The Forward Collision Warning system, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Monitoring systems are all included in Front Assist. These systems will alert you audibly and visually when you are about to hit anther vehicle or person on the road. It can also apply the brakes if it senses you aren’t reacting quick enough and will alert you if it senses pedestrians in front of you.

Rear Traffic Alert

Rear Traffic Alert will alert you when it notices that there are vehicles in your path while you are in reverse. 

Technology Personalized For You: 2019 VW Arteon Technology Features

When it comes to technology, the VW Arteon is decked out with the most advanced technologies out there. Whether you’re cruising down King Street in Alexandria or your driving to work, the VW’s personalized technologies are all geared to make your life easier. The keyless entry and remote start functions mean you no longer have to worry about fumbling with keys. As long as they key to your Arteon is in your purse, backpack or pocket your car will unlock and start!

The VW Arteon also comes fully equipped with the Dynaudio® premium sound system, a heated multi-function steering wheel, a customizable Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, touchscreen navigation display and free trials of VW Car-Net and SiriusXM® All Access!  


The VW Digital Cockpit is completely customizable and can hold up to 4 driver profiles and personalization settings! Now you and all the drivers in your household can set up the controls to show exactly what they want and the best part is, nobody has to fight about it!


The VW Arteon’s touchscreen navigation is big enough for you to easily see all the turns and directions all while maintaining a sleek look. It not only looks good but functions great as well. The dynamic route guidance system will give you turn by turn directions to ensure you never get lost on the busy streets of Alexandria. 

VW CarNet

VW CarNet is always looking out for your best interest. It has tons of safety and security features to help ensure that you, your loved ones and your VW Arteon continue to stay safe in any situation. Some of the greatest new features are the sunroof rain and open vehicle notifications. With the sunroof notification system, the VW Car-Net app will notify you if there is rain in the forecast and you’ve left your sunroof open. The VW Car-Net app will also notify you if you’ve left one of your doors or trunk open and it can even lock the doors for you!


Its what’s inside that counts: 2019 VW Arteon Interior:

The 2019 VW Arteon’s upgraded interior is as bold and exciting as it’s exterior. It comes standard with ambient lighting, heated, ventilated and massaging seats, and a heated steering wheel! These upgraded features as well as it’s spacious trunk and backseats are what give the VW Arteon a luxury look and feel. 

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