Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Light Meanings

Just thinking about the dashboard warning lights flickering on can send a shiver of dismay up the spine of many drivers, especially if it’s one you don’t see much. So, here’s the meaning of the dashboard warning lights on your Volkswagen model. Here, you’ll find out what lights you need to respond to immediately, and which ones can wait until you set up an appointment with your mechanic.

What Dashboard Warning Lights to pull over for 

There are a few warning lights you should know to pull over for. These include your lights for: engine, steering, brake fluid, oil pressure, hybrid drive malfunction, hood open, Direct-Shift Gearbox Transmission, and coolent levels.

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Green lights

You’re fine to continue driving. The green lights don’t have any negative meanings, so they’re just informing you that something on your vehicle is on, like your Daytime Running Lights or Shift Lock.

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Yellow lights

Yellow lights indicate you need to be cautious. There’s something wrong and you should check it out as soon as you can, but you don’t need to pull over to do so. Sometimes you’ll need to divert to a gas station or mechanic, like with the fuel level warning or oil level warning, but you have time to get to a shop to do so. HOWEVER, there are some yellow lights you'll want to pull over for.

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Red Lights

Most times, the red light indicates you should pull over to the side of the road as soon as you can do so safely. Sometimes its just an open hood of your car – dangerous if left alone, but easy enough to fix. Other times it’s more serious, like the warning for your transmission or the engine light. These times, you need to pull over.

Dashboard Warning Light Icons:

Left to right: Antilock Braking System Malfunction, AdBlue® Level Warning, AdBlue® system malfunction, AdBlue® No Restart Warning, Airbag Problem, and Battery Error.

Volkswagen vehicle dashboard lights

Left to right: Automatic Transmission Malfunction, Brake Light Bulb Failure, Brake Pad Wear, Bulb Failure, Coolant Levels Low/Coolant Temperature High, and Diesel Engine Pre-Flow Before Engine Start-Up.

Volkswagen vehicle dashboard lights

Left to right: Daytime Running Lights, Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG®) Transmission Too Hot, Parking Brake, Engine Malfunction, Electronic Power Control – Exhaust Gas, and ESP/ASR (Electronic Stabilization Program/Anti-Slip Regulation).

Volkswagen vehicle dashboard lights

Left to right: Particulate Filter (Diesel Engines), Fuel Cap Off or Missing, Hood Open, Hybrid Drive System Malfunction, Immobilizer, and B-X 32: License Plate Bulb Failure.

Volkswagen vehicle dashboard lights

Left to right: Low Fuel Level, Oil Pressure, Oil Level Low, Parking Brake, Rain Sensor Malfunction, and Shift Lock.

Volkswagen vehicle dashboard lights

Left to right: Steering, Tire Pressure Low, and Washer Fluid Level Low.

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