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Avoiding Salt Corrosion

Salt was first applied to roadways during the 1930s to ensure safety in the presence of ice and snow. Salt is inexpensive and readily available, which makes it the perfect de-icing compound. However, the necessary evil is also harsh on automotive finishes. However, there are a few tips that vehicle owners should implement to protect cars, SUVs and trucks from the corrosion and rust that may occur when exposed to road salt.

Protect your investment by washing the vehicle as soon as possible after traveling over roadways having salt applications. Make sure to wash the underside of the vehicle where the salt lies hidden. However, do not use a car wash facility that uses recycled water.

While on the road, try to avoid puddles filled with water that accumulate salt. If the finish is chipped or scratched, protect the area by repairing the site using consumer products. Wax the vehicle at least twice a year to ensure a resilient coating.



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