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How Salt Destroys Cars and How to Avoid It

Unfortunately for residents of Springfield, snow can be serious driving hazard. Obviously, driving in snowy and icy conditions is unsafe, but there is another hazard that lies beneath the surface, and that is ice related car damage. Not only can freezing temperatures and ice damage your paint, it can cause your undercarriage to rust and cause mechanical problems with your engine, but there are a few ways to avoid this nasty problem.

Many of the issues come from the fact that many cities use salt to melt ice on roads. While this makes driving safer, it can do a number on your car. Whenever driving over salty roads make sure that you wash your car off with fresh water afterwards. Here at Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield we offer services to protect your car -- namely wax treatments that prevent ice related damage. Also be sure to store your car in a garage when possible, especially when conditions are particularly bad.



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